Terms and Conditions

Below are the standard terms and conditions of Quetzal World, LLC. It is important that you (The Client) take time to read these terms thoroughly, and if you do not understand, please contact us for any questions. Please also note that we may alter these terms and conditions without notice. However, the terms and conditions will always be available to view on this page.

Payment Terms

“The Client” agrees to pay 50% of the quoted price in order for Quetzal World to begin any web design work. All sales are final and non-refundable. Any work that has to be printed needs to be paid in full before the release of the work. Also, there is a $25 late fee for any work that is not paid on time. If a payment exceeds 14 days after the date on the invoice, there is a late fee of $50. If you “The Client” for any reason cannot pay on time or has difficulty making payments, please contact us ahead of time, so we can discuss a solution that can work for you.

Once we transfer a website to our client and the design is completed, any additional modifications or updates have an additional fee. Therefore, we offer web maintenance solutions for additional content/design updates for our websites.

Prices for our services are subject to change. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) at any time.

Design/Project samples
“The Client” also agrees to allow Quetzal World to showcase any/all work created for a client as part of Quetzal’s world portfolio and social media. Quetzal World agrees only to display a project work once the site, product or design has been publicly launched.

Excess Work Fees
Any additional work or changes after a project/design has been finished and the “The Client” or a representative of the “The Client” has signed off on the project/design will have an extra fee of $50/hr. If the client agrees to the excess work fees, an agreement of these fees will be sent to the client prior to editing the project/design, and the client will also receive an additional invoice with the hourly rate and the total.

Approval of Final work
Quetzal World takes care of any error on a project/design while working on a project/design. Quetzal World is not responsible for any spelling errors, typographical mistakes, or incorrect information on any project or design that will go to print. It is the client’s responsibility to proofread any approve and all copy before any project is printed, or any design is finalized. Quetzal World does not provide any refund after the final design has been approved and the project/design has gone to print due to errors of the client's proofreading.

Cancellation Policy
If the project is cancelled, no portion of the fees paid to Quetzal World will be returned. Also, if the project is cancelled before the deadline, a payment will be required to compensate for the hours of service provided to the client. Additionally, for our website maintenance and digital marketing contracts, we require a 3-month notice before cancelling the services. 

Lost, Stolen or Damage Orders
Unfortunately, if your order is lost or stolen there is nothing that we can do. We wish we could be more helpful, but once an order leaves to your address, it is out of our control. If this happens, please make a claim with UPS here. If your product arrives damaged, please contact us. Also, if for any reason your order could not be delivered and is returned to us by UPS, we will issue a refund however, the shipping cost will not be included.